Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ does it better

Winter road management has never been safer, quicker, more effective or more environmentally friendly than with the revolutionary Road Guard Corrosion-Free™. Our liquid calcium chloride anti-icing solution combines aggressive melting ability (down to -32°C) with the lowest corrosion rates available. The end result? The most efficient anti-icing solution in the market.  Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ melts snow and ice faster, while reducing environmental impacts and preventing long-term corrosion damage and related costs to protect drivers, vehicles, infrastructure, equipment and road surfaces.

Why Road Guard Corrosion-Free™?

Made in Alberta, Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ eliminates the common corrosion concerns that often result from traditional anti-icers to keep roads clear, safe and intact. Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ simply performs better:

Less Corrosive

  • It is 92% less corrosive than traditional rock salt.
  • It is 6 times less corrosive than uninhibited magnesium chloride on an effective ice melt equivalency.
  • It has a better corrosion effectiveness rating than all Category 2 products listed on Clear Roads, the internationally recognized leader in establishing and standardizing chemical specifications for snow and ice control.

More Environmentally Responsible

  • It requires less inhibitor to achieve the same result to significantly improve environmental impacts, especially when compared to other anti-icing solutions that can cause stress to aquatic organisms.
  • It offers a bitter taste that helps deter wildlife from the roads.
  • It meets and exceeds Clear Roads qualified product specifications, including stringent environmental preservation and safety standards, and it passes rigorous testing process for friction, corrosion and chemical properties.
  • Laboratory tested and found to be less acidic than lime juice or vinegar

More Effective

  • Road Guard Plus™ sets the standard in winter road management and Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ takes things one step further with a higher concentration solution, meaning it can melt the same amount of snow and ice at a faster rate.
Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ Road Guard Plus™ MgCl2 brine4 Rock salt brine
Concentration1 29% 25% 27% 23%
Corrosion Rate2 8% 16% 22% 100%
Inhibitor Amount 1% 10% 10% 0%
Best Buy Rank3 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

1) Total chlorides.

2) Corrosion rates compared to rock salt calculated by Clear Roads. The lower percentage, the less corrosive.

3) Calculated using concentration, price and corrosion inhibitor from Clear Roads specifications.

4) Product from Clear Roads QPL.

Why Tiger Calcium?

Tiger Calcium is one of the largest producers of calcium chloride in North America. We deliver consistently superior products that are managed by our own dedicated transportation fleet, giving us the flexibility and availability to meet the demands of your business. For over 40 years, we have maintained an industry-leading, best-in-class quality control process. You can be confident that every liter of Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ meets the highest standards of excellence.