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Tiger Calcium

Chemical transporation suppliers Calgary, Alberta - Tiger Calcium

Calcium Chloride Manufacturers of Dust Control Products

Our Formula 35 Premium Dust Control formulation protects road surfaces providing stabilization that reduces aggregate loss, settles dust and increases driver safety.

Calcium chloride suppliers of road de-icing & anti-icing products - Tiger Calcium

Calcium Chloride Distributors of Anti-Icing & De-Icing Products

Road Guard Plus™ and Clear Guard™ are our safe, high-efficacy, inhibited calcium chloride-based products that provide optimal industrial and commercial anti-icing/de-icing as part of overall snow and ice management.

Calcium chloride suppliers in Calgary can create custom oilfield fluids for the toughest of jobs - Tiger Calcium

Calcium Chloride Supplier of Oil Field Fluids

Continuously available calcium chloride-based brines and custom-blended specialty fluids formulated for use in the oilfield for drilling and well-kill operations.

Tiger Tanklines

Tiger Tanklines – Chemical Transportation

We offer safety-focussed, customer service-centric specialty chemical hauling services.  We are Western Canada’s most reliable alternative for molten sulphur transportation.

Calcium Chloride Manufacturers, Distributors & Suppliers in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan

We supply, transport & apply premium calcium chloride products. We handle all areas of production while also managing our own dedicated chemical transportation fleet.

From Dust Control to Anti-Icing to Oilfield Fluids…Your Choice for Reliability, Quality and Expertise.

Controlling all steps of the manufacturing process while also managing our own dedicated transportation fleet enables us to produce a consistent, superior products with an ensured supply, on demand, throughout the year.

About Us – Calcium Chloride Manufacturers, Suppliers & Distributors


At Tiger Calcium, we manufacture, supply, transport and apply premium calcium chloride products across Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan. We are proud to be one of the largest producers of calcium chloride in North America, drawing from the largest known reserve of naturally occurring calcium chloride. Controlling all steps of the production process while also managing our own dedicated chemical transportation fleet enables us to produce a consistent, superior product with an ensured supply throughout the year. Tiger Calcium specializes in road treatments including anti-icing and de-icing, dust control and road stabilization, as well as the production of a wide range of industrial fluids and premium specialty oilfield drilling fluids. At Tiger, we combine our superior products with extensive hands-on experience, enabling us to provide you with the best service and application advice available in support of your next project. Tiger Calcium, and our specialty transportation division, Tiger Tanklines, is a Canadian-based company proudly providing calcium chloride products and chemical hauling services to clients across North America.


Tiger Calcium maintains an industry leading, best-in-class quality control process which ensures that our calcium chloride liquids, flakes and pellets meet the highest standards of excellence by employing consistent batch-by-batch quality testing on all our products validated by regular, independent verification. Our modern production facility is capable of high volume daily production throughout the year. Tiger Calcium defines the industry standard for quality – unmatched in either breadth or scope. Tiger’s industry leading calcium chloride products are available in liquid, prill and powder formats in a variety of concentrations. We also produce a wide-range of specialty blends including sodium chloride, calcium nitrate, calcium bromide, zinc bromide, sodium bromide and magnesium hydroxide customizable to meet specific industry needs. Our exceptional products have been certified by a variety of governmental organizations and regulatory groups and have a well-earned reputation for consistency and reliability. Visit our Products & Applications page, Services page or Contact Us to learn more.


From our beginnings over 40 years ago as a specialty transportation company, Tiger Calcium has evolved to become a leader in the calcium industry and the only company in North America that mines, manufactures, supplies and applies premium calcium chloride products. We also produce custom-blended products across a broad-range of weights in our state-of-the-art, Alberta-based blend facility to meet our customers’ specific needs.
Our experience means that we are uniquely suited to offer the ideal products and expert advice in support of your next project; Tiger Calcium has been producing, transporting and applying calcium chloride products for over 30 years. We have applied our premium formulation for dust control to hundreds of thousands of kilometers of road using our experienced drivers and reliable equipment. The team has more than 100 man years of first-hand application experience guaranteeing best-in-class results. Request a quote for our products or services today!