Stabilize Roads and Reduce Dust Formula 35 Premium Dust Control

Formula 35 Premium Dust Control is a liquid calcium chloride formula for optimal dust control and road stabilization.

Not only is Formula 35 Premium Dust Control a powerful soil stabilization and dust abatement solution, it also helps protect road bases from freezing and frost heaving.

Tiger Calcium also offers an inhibited dust control product, Formula 35 Plus, that contains an effective, organic-based corrosion inhibitor to ensure that your vehicles and infrastructure are protected too.

How it works

Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, Formula 35 cuts down on dust and stabilizes soil by keeping the surface damp longer. This binds the fine particles of dust together and makes the road material more compact. Roads treated with Formula 35 are more stable and have a decreased rate of deterioration, saving you time and money on maintenance and reducing the need to reapply aggregate.

Throughout our long history of supplying calcium chloride to our customers, we have made thousands of deliveries, with Formula 35 Premium Dust Control expertly applied to millions of square metres of roadway. That’s millions of square metres that are safer and more durable. How’s that for a track record?

We’ve used Tiger Calcium’s services for our annual Residential Dust Suppression Program for years. The program requires upwards of 2 million litres of calcium chloride, applied simultaneously in 500+ locations throughout Leduc County by three crews, twice per summer. Thanks to Tiger Calcium’s consistently high-quality products and resources, we’re always able to complete our program on time and within budget.
Darrell Stone Manager of Operations, Leduc County

Why choose Formula 35 Premium Dust Control?

Tiger Calcium maintains an industry-leading, quality control process, ensuring that every litre of Formula 35 Premium Dust Control meets the highest standards.

As our calcium chloride brine is processed, it’s filtered time and time again to remove impurities. This results in a contaminant-free clear brine.

And we don’t stop there. Tiger Calcium conducts in-house batch-by-batch quality testing on all products. From our own processing plant to the finished product stored in holding tanks at our own facility, we know our products are pure.

After in-house testing, Tiger Calcium’s products are sent to an accredited independent lab for analysis. This ensures our Formula 35 Premium Dust Control consistently meets all specifications including environmentally acceptable concentrations of heavy metals.

Formula 35 Premium Dust Control is approved for use in provincial infrastructure and transportation projects by the provincial transportation departments of both Manitoba and B.C.

Why Tiger Calcium?

We are proud to be one of the largest producers of calcium chloride in North America. Because we handle all aspects of production and have our own dedicated truck transportation and rail fleets, along with a network of storage facilities across Western Canada, we’re able to a provide a consistently superior product to our customers all season long.

Tiger Calcium’s Formula 35 Plus Premium Dust Control keeps dust down and out of homes and airways, protecting air quality and vegetation at the same time.

Our team offers genuine expertise in application with more than 50 in-house application units. We also use the best equipment and technology to ensure our product is applied correctly. Our ability to measure application spray rates with unmatched precision means we don’t overspray.

Tiger Transportation Fleetdelivering on time, every time

Customer delivery requirements are met and even exceeded with Tiger Calcium’s own truck and rail fleets. Tiger trucks only haul Tiger product, ensuring there is no cross-contamination with other products that could interfere with performance or pose an environmental risk.