Fight Snow and Ice SafelyClear Guard™ Advanced

Proudly manufactured in Alberta, Clear Guard™ Advanced is a corrosion inhibited, clear liquid calcium chloride formula designed to fight ice and snow without damaging walkways.

Whether you need anti-icing or de-icing, Clear Guard™ Advanced aggressively melts snow and ice down to -32° C (-25° F), making it the best product for even the coldest of climates.

Why you need Clear Guard™ Advanced

Our clients count on Clear Guard™ Advanced for the following reasons:

  • Its effectiveness at making sidewalks, driveways, steps and brick walkways safe
  • Its specially blended clear formula
  • No mess or corrosion
  • Won’t harm grass or vegetation—safe for the environment
  • Reliable supply throughout winter
  • Delivered by Tiger Calcium’s very own transportation fleet
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