Tiger Calcium DeliversOilfield Fluids

Tiger Calcium formulates drilling and completion fluids in custom densities ranging from 1000kg/m3 to 2300kg/m3. Using combinations of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium nitrate, calcium bromide and zinc bromide, our fluids are ideal for brine-based mud systems, the water phase in oil-based mud systems, and well-control applications.

Why chooseTiger Calcium oilfield fluids?

  • Our products are industry tested.
  • We offer quality assurance and quality control with retained samples from every order.
  • We supply proven base fluids that ensure safe, cost-effective, quality drilling outcomes.
  • Tiger Calcium offers the industry’s only alternative for standard and custom oilfield fluids with 24/7 emergency service year-round.
  • Tiger Calcium has heavy fluids available at all times.
  • We maintain a consistent supply.
  • Our oilfield fluids are compatible with drilling fluid additives and correlated with lab test results.

Tiger Calcium has seen uninterrupted growth even during industry stagnation because our products are cost-reducing alternatives that allow cost effective drilling to continue.