Tiger Calcium OffersSafe, Effective Winter Solutions

Harsh North American winters call for the best anti-icing and de-icing solutions, keeping roads clear and drivers and pedestrians safe. But these solutions don’t need to be harsh on vehicles, infrastructure or the environment.

With decades of industry experience and expertise, Tiger Calcium is North America’s preferred producer and supplier of premium inhibited calcium chloride for use in winter anti-icing and de-icing applications.

In 2018 alone, Tiger Calcium successfully delivered more than 15 million litres of safe, effective anti-icing liquid product to nearly 80 municipalities through approximately 60 application partners.

Why choose Tiger Calcium?

Since the 1970s, calcium chloride brine has been used throughout North America because of its superior ability to melt snow and ice. More importantly, our corrosion inhibited calcium chloride products are effective in cold winter climates at temperatures as low as -32°C—well below the -10°C limit of sodium chloride (rock salt) solutions.

Tiger Calcium products are less corrosiveto vehicles and infrastructure

Did you know? A U.S. study conducted in 2002 found that the damage to motor vehicles from road salt corrosion and corrosion-related repairs cost $20 billion per year.

Using Tiger Calcium’s inhibited anti-icing solutions reduces the cost of future repairs to vehicles and infrastructure when compared to cheaper, uninhibited anti-icing solutions.

We are committed to providing products that deliver the best winter road solutions possible, while also meeting environmental and health standards. For years, we have invested in a product that passes tests for:

  • Friction
  • Corrosion
  • Chemical and toxicological properties

By adding 1% organic based corrosion inhibitor, Road Guard Corrosion-Free™ becomes up to 94% less corrosive than rock salt.

How it works

Tiger Calcium’s corrosion inhibitor creates a barrier that protects metal surfaces from the impact of chlorides, significantly reducing corrosion risk.