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One of North America’s leading calcium chloride manufacturers, Tiger Calcium is proud to offer exceptional products used for anti-icing, de-icing and dust control, as well as a variety of oilfield fluids. For more in-depth information on calcium chloride’s uses and benefits, please browse the pages below.

Formula 35 Premium Dust Control™

Formula 35 Plus Premium Dust Control is a liquid calcium chloride formula specifically developed for optimal dust control and road stabilization.

Oilfield Fluids

Along with the production of consistent quality brines to support drilling efficiency, our experienced engineering team, together with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, creates oilfield fluids to over balance the pressure of any well at any time with 24/7 dispatch availability.

Bromide Rental Program

Tiger Calcium offers a variety of heavy brines ranging from 1700 kg/m3 to 2300 kg/m3 weights, including most custom blends. Our rental program can save clients up to 50% versus the traditional cost of purchasing brines.

Road Guard Plus™

Road Guard Plus™ is our industry-leading inhibited calcium chloride product. It’s safe for vehicles, roads, infrastructure and the environment. 

Clear Guard™ Advanced

Whether you need anti-icing or de-icing, Clear Guard™ Advanced melts snow and ice down to -32° C (-25° F), making it the best product for even the coldest of climates.

Tiger Tanklines

With more than 50 dedicated fleet vehicles, Tiger Tanklines can respond to all of our clients’ transportation and hauling needs on time, every time.

Carmacks Maintenance Services Ltd. has proactively used Tiger Calcium’s Road Guard Plus™ for 5 winter seasons on our ring road project in Edmonton Alberta and have found it to be an invaluable tool.
Graeme Douglas Operations Manager, Carmacks Maintenance Services LTD

Our industry connections

Tiger Calcium stays connected to leaders in a variety of industries in order to better understand and meet the evolving needs of clients like you.