Tiger Calcium DeliversPremium Dust Suppression

As Canada’s leader in summer road management, we understand the importance of environmentally responsible dust abatement. We provide Formula 35 Premium Dust Control to meet our clients’ needs and ensure drivers are safe and road maintenance costs are minimized.

Why do you need a premium dust control solution? Dust from gravel roads can restrict visibility for drivers—presenting a safety hazard, reducing air quality and contaminating surrounding ecosystems. This leads to increased road maintenance costs due to more frequent grading, the loss of aggregate material and frost heaving.

As the leading supplier and applier of dust control solutions, Tiger Calcium is uniquely qualified to advise your local team on dust control and road stabilization techniques that deliver exceptional results, while ensuring the most efficient and economical approach to achieving your desired outcome.

Why you need it

Our proprietary products and application methods can save you up to 10% on your overall application process. How? We provide the highest concentration solution in the market and mitigate the risk of overspray by using technology that measures and controls application spray rates with precision.

Choose Tiger Calcium for dust control and you’ll get unrivalled quality and value.

Discover ourindustry-leading spray equipment

Tiger Calcium has more than 50 spray trucks—all equipped with industry-leading application technology to ensure optimal application coverage and efficiency.

The best-in-class spray monitors allow for precise monitoring and control of liquid application. When paired with our custom, calibrated spray bars and nozzles, it ensures a consistently uniform application, conforming to the most exacting dust control specifications. Controlled from within the spray truck cab, instantaneous management of application supports both product flow management and safe work practices that meet all customers’ requirements.

Tiger Calcium’s spray equipment offers more

Browse the chart below for more information about our spray equipment.

Feature Benefit Value
Pump powered spray system Spray pattern is constant, with uniform pressure. All road material is equally treated, ensuring product performs at its highest potential. Application performance lasts longer, requiring less work in a season and saving thousands of dollars in potential rework and spot-spraying.
Best-in-class spray monitors Real-time feedback provided to drivers, allowing for adjustments to be made to keep consistent application rate.
Metered verification of spray volume
Contracted application rates and total volume sprayed are assured, eliminating risk of total volume sprayed being less than the contracted volume.
In-cab controls Instant shut-off prevents product waste and promotes safety for operators and customers. No wasted product. Avoids costly damage to infrastructure and the environment.