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Tiger Calcium


Committed to Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Safety and the Safety of our Employees and the General Public

For over 45 years Tiger Calcium has been fostering and maintaining the highest standard of operating excellence. Our continued successful growth from a small family business to now one of North America’s largest producers and suppliers of Calcium Chloride products can be found in the roots of how we do business.

Tiger Calcium Services is committed to providing its employees, customers and the community with a safe, reliable and quality service. The driving force behind our effective safety program is the result of the hard work and dedication of every employee and the culture and mindset of the organization that Families Matter.

The foundation for our proactive Safety Management System lies within several key areas outlined below:

  1. Certificate of Recognition – As an active member with Enform and Partnerships in Health and Safety, we have earned a Certificate of Recognition for over 9 years. Tiger Calcium also participates annually in the COR (Certificate of Recognition) program, a provincially regulated volunteer program that identifies criteria specific to maintaining a safe workplace.
  2. Federally Regulated – Registered with Workers Compensation Board in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories
  3. Safety Fitness Certificate – Carrier holds a valid Safety Fitness Certificate
  4. GPS – GPS allows us to improve safety through real time monitoring of vehicle diagnostics and on road driver performance. Our Transportation Department can assess the exact fleet coordinates and dispatch each driver more efficiently and safely. Driver on road behavior such as braking, acceleration and vehicle speed are just some of the many benefits of utilizing a monitoring system.
  5. Professionally Trained Workforce – Including courses such as:H2S, First Aid, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Confined SpaceFor Professional Drivers: Class 1 with minimum 5 years’ experience, Hours of Service training, Vehicle Inspection Training, On Road Compliance Requirements, etc.