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Consideration Key Facts
  • Responsibly inhibited calcium chloride is up to 92% less corrosive than rock salt used in the local market
  • Appropriately inhibited sodium chloride brine is 80% less corrosive than the uninhibited rock salt used today
Total chlorides
  • Effective use of liquids is shown to reduce total chlorides required to achieve desired service levels by ~30%
  • At recommended application rates (typically ~75 litres per lane kilometer), risk of product ‘splash’ or run-off before full dilution is minimal
  • Use of anti-icing liquids are proven to reduce accidents
  • City of Edmonton reported 19% fewer accidents on roads where anti-icing was used vs roads with no anti-icing directly benefiting public health and economy
  • Calcium chloride remains effective at temperatures below -30°C
  • Rock salt is ineffective below -10°C
  • Sand is an effective tool for winter road management
  • Anti-icing liquid helps maximize sand’s effectiveness, reducing quantities required and reducing sand’s environmental impact
  • Salt is an effective tool for winter road management at warmer temperatures (>-10°C), working once it becomes liquified
  • Use in conjunction with calcium chloride increases overall effectiveness and impact while reducing required quantities
Inhibited CaCl2
  • Significantly reduces sand, salt, total applied chlorides and corrosion levels
  • Road Guard Corrosion-free has almost undetectable levels of BOD
Snow Tires
  • B.C. legislation requires snow tires
  • B.C. also requires bare roads, using liquids for anti-icing to achieve the highest levels of public safety
  • Using plows alone to achieve bare pavement is costly with City of Edmonton estimating ‘$37M/year (+/- 50%)’ before considering any negative impact that plowing has on the city’s physical infrastructure
  • Increased plowing would greatly increase fleet maintenance costs, carbon emissions and complicate traffic logistics when roads are at their worst seemingly in opposition to the city’s declaration of a Climate Emergency this summer
Alberta Transportation
  • Inhibited liquid calcium chloride is on the QPL and is regularly used to positive effect on the Anthony Henday/other AB highways