Safe, Effective Winter Road ManagementRoad Guard Plus™

Road Guard Plus™ is a corrosion inhibited liquid calcium chloride solution developed especially for anti-icing and pre-wetting applications in moderate to extreme winter conditions. This industry-leading corrosion inhibited calcium chloride product is safe for vehicles, roads and infrastructure, and the environment. Made in Alberta, it’s used by provincial, county and municipal government agencies throughout Western Canada and the U.S.

Regularly used as an anti-icing agent on Alberta Transportation projects, Road Guard Plus™ has an established performance record. Recent projects where it has been used include the heavily travelled arteries of the northwest Anthony Henday ring road in Edmonton, Alta. and Deerfoot Trail in Calgary, Alta.

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We are having great success in Alaska with your Road Guard Plus 8 product.
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Why Road Guard Plus™?

Here are just some of the reasons why Tiger Calcium’s Road Guard Plus™ is the preferred solution for winter road management:

  • Road Guard Plus™ is the only product approved by Alberta Transportation as a Proven Proprietary Product for anti-icing and winter road maintenance.
  • Road Guard Plus™ is also on the approved anti-icing/de-icing products list of the departments of Infrastructure and Transportation in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
  • Road Guard Plus™ is the only Canadian-made inhibited calcium chloride product for anti-icing approved for listing by the Clear Roads on its Qualified Product List (QPL).
  • The Clear Roads-approved designation means that Road Guard Plus™ is proven as the safest anti-icing product for the environment. Clear Roads is a national research consortium focused on rigorous testing of winter maintenance materials, equipment and methods for use by highway maintenance crews.
  • The City of Edmonton used Road Guard Plus™ for an anti-icing pilot beginning March 2018. Roads treated with the solution stayed bare longer, road surface friction increased and stopping distances were reduced.
  • Lab tests show that our proprietary Road Guard Plus™ corrosion inhibitor package is up to 84% less corrosive than traditional rock salt.
  • Road Guard Plus™ aggressively melts snow and ice down to -32°C, making it much more effective than traditional salt and perfect for harsh North American winters.
  • The Road Guard Plus™ organic-based inhibitor package has a bitter taste that does not attract wildlife to roads.

Why Tiger Calcium?

With decades of experience manufacturing, supplying, transporting and applying premium calcium chloride, Tiger Calcium produces consistent, superior product. Our clients, partners and employees also value our decades-long commitment to ensuring that our products and processes are safe for people, vehicles and infrastructure, pets and wildlife, and the environment.

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